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Relax and enjoy the Swiss Alps in Grächen




Grächerhof, 3925 Grächen

The Lifestyle & Spa Hotel Grächerhof welcomes you in a privileged location in the Swiss Alps, surrounded by breathtaking landscape from winter to summer. A place that combines tradition with modern comfort embracing the natural beauty of Switzerland

Our Rooms

a place that gathers the soul of the alps

Our wellness area

A serene approach to daily living

Our Alpine Lodge Spa, offers a relaxing and revitalizing experience, full of enjoyment with unbeatable views of our garden, giving you a prefect meditation and inner balance.

Refreshing drinks and fruits (included) to equilibrate your body from the up to 90°C of our variety of saunas.

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Our Restaurant

Flambé Fusion
flavor, fun and fire.

A place where your palate will be stimulated by tasting our dishes, which are created by modern and daring minds that elevate the international fusion food experience to a new level and combines it with the classic Grächerhof touch where the flambee is more than a's tradition.

The Region

Grächen, right in the middle of all the experiences you want to live in the Valais.

from the sports that the place itself offers, to the peculiar experiences and places located from 30 minutes away from grächen such as vineyards, thermal baths, borders to other countries, the famous Matterhorn, the enchanted town of castles “Sion”